Turn to us for window regulator repairs in Kingman, AZ

Car Window Won't Budge?

You don't think about the power window regulators in your car very often. But just like other parts of your car, the window regulators might need maintenance and repairs after a while. If one of your car windows is stuck, call 928-757-1172 right away to arrange for window regulator repairs.

We'll have your window motor working like new in no time. Apex Auto Glass and Tint offers car window motor repairs throughout the Kingman, AZ area.

Why is your car window stuck?

Why is your car window stuck?

Our window regulator repair technician will take a look at your car window motor and identify the problem. A variety of factors can contribute to window motor failure, including:

  • Overuse
  • Cold temperatures
  • Worn-out or detached cables

Experiencing issues with your car windows? Look to the knowledgeable team at Apex Auto Glass and Tint for car window motor repairs.